“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all: Read a lot and write a lot” – Stephen King


The Surprisingly Easy Way to Ruin Your Personal Brand.

Are you ready to build a purpose-centered, impactful, powerful and profitable personal brand

Shaking It Up: Tips for Acquiring and Adapting an Existing Business

I've been exploring what it would be like to buy a company instead of starting from scratch. I was doing research so I could offer that as an opportunity to clients who that would be a fit for. That...

Stop trying to Find Your Purpose. It’s already within you. Look inside.

Hey Purpose Angel. This morning, I want to share with you answers to the following: Why am I doing this? Why is this important? I remember the day I decided I didn’t want to become an Attorney anymore. I was in the first month as a Junior in college at Loyola...

Purpose to Profit Secrets in Action

FB Friend, I have new news. But first, story time lol   So on 7.7.7 I launched ICY PR into the world and I did it specifically because I wanted to support small business owners who could share their knowledge and products with the world. I think in international,...

Discovering your intrinsic value is simpler than you think

  Discovering your intrinsic value is simpler than you think. One day, I was laying down to take a nap on my sectional sofa, I woke up about 45 minutes later and I could NOT get up...I couldn't move my legs. I was scared. My heart was racing, I could literally...

It hurts because It could be me and you know that

As a black woman, every time I hear stories about how people who look like me are brutalized & killed by Caucasian/pass for Caucasian police and self-appointed police, it literally physically hurts & I cry just about every time. This brutality happens every...

How to Systematize Everything

Hey Entrepreneur. If you’ve ever looked at another entrepreneur and wondered "how da heck does she even have time to do all this stuff" she has systematized everything, and you need to learn this skill too. She’s got good systems. [bctt tweet="It’s true. The most...

Handbags by OLAS

  We have just re-created and re-launched the site for our bag desinger. HAND BAGS BY OLAS. OLAS Handbag is designed for the modern woman that is always stylish with ease.  The design simplicity of OLAS Handbags gives it a fashionable  edge with subtle details....

Premier Guide Miami

Hello icy readers. We are excited to tell you about Premier Guide Miami-http://premierguidemiami.com/ Premier Guide Miami is a lifestyle feature/travel consulting group focused on maximizing your budget while you enjoy the best in travel and hospitality. PGM is for...

Stephanie’s New Site – Successful Launch

We launched our clients new site on 9.1.9.  We excited to see that the site has received great reviews. The new website provides the media and Stephanie’s fans with a place to read, see and hear anything new about Stephanie, from Stephanie including videos; brand new...

WAFNTM- London and NYC Scouting

Hello Everyone. We are inviting you to the scouting for West Africa's Next Top Model in London & NYC. We hope to see you there. YOU COULD BE WEST AFRICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. UK: 17th January The Amadeus Center 50 Shirland Road Little Venice London W9 2JA 8am USA:...

AUDITIONS – West Africa’s Next Top Model

Many have been inquiring about the show for some time now, and I am proud to announce that finally, the West Africa’s Next Top Model project is now officially underway. This is the official show, co-signed by CBS, the licensor for America’s Next Top Model and all its...




Hey you. Welcome to my Virtual home here on YetundeShorters.com where I get to support your awesomeness with tools, tips, resources to thrive out here in these world streets. Plus, I get to share with you my life as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, TwinMom and Wife. A snap shot of the good and challenging. I am on a journey to realize my highest self while sharing the experiences, in hopes that someone else can learn from them, without having to go through it. I look forward to connecting live or online.


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