It hurts because It could be me and you know that

As a black woman, every time I hear stories about how people who look like me are brutalized & killed by Caucasian/pass for Caucasian police and self-appointed police, it literally physically hurts & I cry just about every time. This brutality happens every day, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s once in a while.⁣⁣

I get angry and I work hard not to get to hopeless, because I believe in I get angry and I work hard not to get to hopeless, because I believe in HOPE and I believe in the power of CHANGE + ACTION. See, change can be trusted because it always shows up, it always happens and it guarantees that NO CONDITION IS EVER PERMANENT however many eons something may take to change. CHANGE IS DEPENDABLE. And I find comfort in its POWER.⁣⁣

Today, I also realized how many of my white friends have NO IDEA about my experience of racism in this country. I imagine they think, I am that “different African chic”.

I also realized I don’t share my experiences because a part of me feels why bother, they won’t get it and I’ll still be seen as “but you’re different.” NOPE, I AM NOT.

So, I’m making a choice to actively have those conversations more, and actively share what my friends can do to make a change that can deeply reduce the racism (assuming they want to).

I also believe in finding solutions; knowing what to do about something is how I maintain and build my personal POWER.

In this time and through my morning meditation today, I got a clear message:

  1. “Yetunde, I sent you here to get more women to step into their purpose, because the world will be a better place when more people are living in PURPOSE, so stay focused on what I sent you here for” “YES GOD, Got it!”
  2. “I know you’re angry. I know you hurt, and across the world even if all black people don’t personally know each of these people, your soul power is what makes you feel this so deeply every time, and you will never be desensitized because you are part of the solution.”
  3. “Love is the answer and love needs power, justice, defense, protection and so many things to be fully experienced, so do something different today with what you share.”

From my years of reading on politics and world changes, from Apartheid South Africa, to the murder of George Floyd, two things always make change happen.

  1. Active and prolonged boycott that affects financial gains MAJORLY
  2. Voting who you want in office that has the interest of all of our collective humanity in mind.

So, today’s JUST 5 MINUTES FRIDAY attempts to be a piece that may shift your mindset and get you to COMMIT to the long term freedom of all of US.

There are lessons only you have learned and experienced that can literally transform someone’s life. ⁣It is your soul’s responsibility to share that message before you exit this planet. ⁣

If you’re reading this and you are serious about action driven change,


What can you share to help?

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Please NOTE: I’ll delete anything hurtful, cruel and bait focused. This is my website and I will use that privilege.

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See, change can be trusted because it always shows up, it always happens and it guarantees that NO CONDITION IS EVER PERMANENT however many eons something may take to change. CHANGE IS DEPENDABLE. And I find comfort in its POWER. Share on X

Much Love




United for Kids Foundation Nigeria (UKF) partners with ICY PR to help children



United for Kids Foundation (UKF) announces its first Fundraising Ball scheduled for October 12th 5:00 P.M. at the beautiful Clear Essence California Resort & Spa located at 13, Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

MIAMI, FL (October 2, 2012) — The United for Kids Foundation announces a public relations and concept development partnership with ICY PR to accelerate development and fundraising efforts of the organization. ICY PR is very proud to be associated with a charity organization whose goal is to improve the lives of Nigerian children who are potential leaders and influencers of tomorrow. The mission of UKF is to heal Nigeria, and indeed the World, One Child, One Heart and One Smile at a time. UKF and ICY PR will be committed to efforts that will enable creating long-term solutions to address problems facing children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I am sincerely excited about partnering with United for Kids Foundation to help create better awareness for this organization. For years, we have been looking for the right not-for-profit in Nigeria to partner with and after 10 years of UKF’s hard work in Nigeria, this partnership came at a perfect time. Being in a position to directly have an impact on the lives of young children in Nigeria is humbling, and I am honored to be a part of it all.”- Yetunde Taiwo, Executive Director, ICY Public Relations.

United for Kids Foundation (UKF) will be hosting its first ball, the UKF PASSION BALL 2012, a Black Tie event, an evening of elegance and glamour to create awareness and raise funds for 2013 education and healthcare programs. It takes place on Friday, October 12th at 5:00 P.M. at the beautiful Clear Essence California Resort & Spa located at 13, Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. The general public can confirm acceptance of their presence at the ball by supporting the foundation via e-mail donations@unitedforkids.com. All proceeds go to providing and supporting the many children that UKF supports every day.

The PR efforts will include adopting new strategies to interest a more extensive public involvement by implementing membership opportunities and special events for everyone who would like to be a part of this worthy cause. To be a part of this, kindly visit the website for more information at www.unitedforkidsfoundation.org

“We are excited about this partnership with such a great team of experts. We have been working in the background for 10 years and believe that it is time to give more Nigerians and friends of Nigeria the opportunity to provide sustainable solutions to the big challenges and problems facing less privileged children in the Nigerian society.” -Tope Ganiyat Fajingbesi, Founder, United For Kids Foundation

 About UKF

United for Kids Foundation (UKF) is a charitable organization established exclusively for charitable and educational activities aimed principally at less privileged children in Nigeria. Our aim is to create a bridge between fortunate Nigerians and the less fortunate sick and orphaned children. Since UKF was founded in 2002, we have selected 1 teaching hospital and 4 orphanages as beneficiaries of our activities, we have partnered with them to upgrade facilities, provide financial assistance for prescription drugs/medical tests, educational materials, food, beverages and household supplies in order to alleviate the suffering and discomfort encountered by the children. Our projects include monthly visits to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (Ikeja General Hospital)- Patients Pre/Post-Recovery Support, Annual ‘Back to School’ Project, Festive Period Activities (Christmas and Eid),  Facilities repairs and rehabilitation, Young Readers’ Club (Future Project) and ‘Adopt’ a Child (Future Project)

Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Unitedforkids  and follow us on Twitter – www.twitter.com/Unitedforkids. Email – info@unitedforkidsfoundation.org. Address: P.O. Box 18022, Middle River, MD 21220


For more information and press inquiries, please contact

ICY Public Relations at

Yetunde Taiwo

T: 305.549.3676

E: info@icypr.com

W: www.icypr.com


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Mother Day- “Love Notes to Mom”

Wondering what to get mom or your wife for mother’s day? Our client Ijorere the Invitation has the perfect gift. How about LOVE notes
paired up with the best gourmet chocolates in Chicago? This mother’s day IJORERE The Invitation is going over & beyond to get you in the mood for those delightfully simple gestures in life certain to put a GRAND smile on mom’s face. Send mom LOVE notes or send your sweetie LOVE Letters in the signature IJORERE souvenir box.

For a limited time ONLY, enjoy up to $40 off our LOVE Letters or LOVE notes to mom with artisan chocolates by Anna Shea. SHOP ONLINE for our Mother’s day Special under our “ETC.” category!

LOVE Letters/Notes come with pre-cut ivory recycled writing paper or our signature red translucent  (acid-free) paper. Choose from an option of cherry or maple wood, pink or red ribbon. Personalize your wooden box with inscription on inside lid. 7 words max. Shipping within the U.S. already included.


In this age of social media, texting and e-mails, this gift encourages an almost forgotten expression of love, form of communication; writing.

New Love Letters Youtube Promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67QxgGv2p6A

To learn more about our client, please visit Ijorere “The Invitation” (www.ijorere.com) A couture invitation design company.

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“Love Letters” by IJORERE®

For Immediate Release

IJORERE® launches a new product line called LOVE Letters.

Inspired by Lover’s month; Valentine’s Day.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS— IJORERE® The invitation is gaining recognition as the premier choice for couture invitations for special events including weddings, galas and more. And NOW IJORERE® The invitation does it again introducing a new product line called “LOVE Letters”. Pronounced E-Jaw-Ray-Ray and derived from a Yoruba-Nigerian meaning, IJORERE® is actually two words made one. ‘Ijo’ means Day and ‘Rere’ means Grand. Ijorere sums up how your special occasion should be…A day that is Grand.

The LOVE letters line includes IJORERE’s signature wood box with two options of either maple or cherry wood, hand written letters plus a box of jewel-like artistically custom-created Anna Shea chocolates. Lovers can send their own words to IJORERE® The invitation and a calligrapher will re-write the love letters unto red or white translucent paper. Lovers may also purchase a signature box with pre-cut blank papers and write their own sweet words. The product launches on the month of LOVE; February.

Reality is we live in a tech savvy FAST era but the TRUTH is we still cherish the simpler things of life.

IJORERE The Invitation is not JUST about stationery we are about “creating a lasting impression & sustaining love.” LOVE is timeless & receiving LOVE letters are priceless.  This month of LOVE, go beyond sending flowers that eventually wither. Take a moment to write to your lover, share your sweet thoughts in writing or even propose in a letter to your lover!


Lovers send an email of what they want to write to info@ijorere.com, include your loved one’s mailing address, indicate which of the signature wooden box & paper you’d like: Maple or cherry wood? White or red translucent paper?, You may also opt to have the letters printed in a hand-written font style. For privacy purposes you have the option to write the letters yourself. IJORERE® The invitation will provide pre-cut paper in your wooden box, (Choosing this option means IJORERE® will mail the suite directly to you. White paper option only), paypal payment request will be sent to your e-mail and within 72 hours, your LOVE letter suites will be shipped priority mail. (Expedited service is available for an additional charge). All shipments outside the U.S will not include Anna Shea’s with the Love Letter suites



$79.99 Signature LOVE Letter Suite -pre-cut paper – without Anna Shea Chocolates

$109.99 Signature LOVE Letter Suite -pre-cut paper +  Anna Shea Chocolates

$119.99 Signature LOVE Letter Suite -printed – without Anna Shea Chocolates

$139.99 Signature LOVE Letter Suite -Calligraphy – without Anna Shea Chocolates

$159.99 Signature LOVE Letter Suite -Calligraphy + Anna Shea Chocolates


“One of the most important things that helped my husband in times of despair were my love letters to him while he was serving in Iraq. I created this product because love to me should be sustainable, and love letters will do that. They go beyond just Valentine’s Day” ~Ola-tokunbo Muhammed, CEO of IJORERE The Invitation.



Anna Shea Chocolates was founded in 2004 with the aspiration to bring never before seen quality and beauty to the world of artisanal chocolate. With a background in traditional European training and in arts growing up, Anna Shea has an innovative combination of excellence in both knowledge and technique as well as the passion of an artist. Each jewel-like piece of chocolates is meticulously handcrafted and designed to represent the inspiration behind each flavor.

LOVE Letters by IJORERE® The Invitation will soon be sold at Anna Shea Chocolates & Lounge. The Aborteum of South Barrington. 100 W. Higgins Road . Suite E5 . South Barrington . Illinois. 60010

For press materials on IJORERE® The Invitation please contact info@icypr.com . To see the range of IJORERE® The Invitation couture collection, visit www.ijorere.com



ICY Public Relations

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Ijorere Soft Launch (Brand Extension): Ijobaby

From the Ijorere News Desk:

While we are BEYOND excited for what the new year holds for IJORERE The Invitation, we can’t help but to tell you about IJORERE’s very own and very special event that took place just before the holidays!

The unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation was a high-end, intimate evening that took place at a cozy stationery & pen shop located in charming downtown Barrington IL.  IJORERE’s creative director and owner, Ola, worked diligently to create this exquisite event that gathered event planners, Barrington’s affluent socialites and a few of IJORERE’s most loyal supporters.

With the goal in mind of “quality, NOT quantity” these hand-picked honored guests enjoyed a night of sweets and bliss!  Sipping on fine wine and enjoying delicious delicacies as they perused through the fabulous displays of IJORERE’s custom wedding suites . Attendees were also able to feast their eyes on sneak peeks of  IJOBABY’s latest additions!

Enjoy viewing the highlights of this SPLENDID IJORERE!


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For further inquiries about the event or for press materials please e-mail your request to us at info@icypr.com

ICY Public Relations
Yetunde Taiwo
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E: info@icypr.com

ICY PR hits the Red Carpet in Miami for the Super Models Unlimited Release Party

Hello ladies and gents…wondering where ICY PR will be next? Well how about on the Red Carpet.  ICY PR has been chosen as the agency to manage the Red Carpet event for Super Models Unlimited editorial issue release party. SU models will be scouted for AIM Model Management by the famed Nole’ Marin of America’s Next Top Model. The Show stopper and headliner for the event is Rapper FLO-RIDA.The party will be held at Club Mansion on 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beachm, Florida 33139 on January 29th 5PM

Stay tuned for pictures and clips from the events.

This has been an ICY Report

For further inquiries about the event or for press materials please e-mail your request to us at  info@icypr.com

ICY Public Relations
Ebele Okocha
T: 305.549.3676
E: info@icypr.com

Stephanie Okereke featured in UK and Canadian editorials

Hello Icy Readers, we are pleased to announce that ICY PR client and Nollywood leading actress, Ms Stephanie Okereke will be gracing the covers of Style Me Up magazine, a UK editorial as the cover story in the upcoming feature. Ms Stephanie has been gaining profound popularity on the International scene, she recently performed alongside major, Hollywood actress, Meryl Streep in a three day summit titled Women in the World co-hosted by The Daily Beast, Vital Voices Global Partnership, Diane von Furstenberg, and the UN Foundation. Notorious attendee of the event included Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. In addition, Stephanie will also be a feature story in the new Canadian editorial, Poize Magazine.  She is breaking boundaries and taking her talents and Nollywood to new heights. We love you Stephanie

This has been an ICY Report

For further inquiries about Stephanie Okereke or for press materials please e-mail your request to us at  info@icypr.com

ICY Public Relations
Ebele Okocha
T: 305.549.3676
E: info@icypr.com

A New Year… Exciting New Beginnings, A holiday message from ICY PR

Hello Icy Readers! ICY PR would like to use this opportunity to welcome you to 2011! We are so excited to ring in the New Year.  No doubt, 2010 was a great year filled with its joys and tribulations and there are so many accomplishments to celebrate, so we would also like to take a look back and recap some of the great happenings at ICY PR over the course of the year.

Highlights from 2010

ICY PR is the official PR company for the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival Miami and successfully hosted an event that Headlined Hollywood Star Vivica A. Fox.

ICY PR Client Stephanie Okereke performed along side Meryl Streep and some of world’s greatest movie stars in New York City

ICY PR client and Nigerian leading actress, Stephanie Okereke was featured in the premier issue of FLAIR magazine in Nigeria

ICY PR Clients were featured in 5 cover stories on some of the top, international editorials

ICY PR’s Executive Director Yetunde Taiwo was a guest panelist to talk about African’s Image and the Foreign press at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Our client AiRis debuted her Music Video directed by BET award-wining director Adam Rush. The Video  aired on MTV Base, Soundcity, African Channel, Vox Africa and more

ICY Secured 2 Caribbean clients in 2010 further expanding our global presence

As the 2010 chapter closes, we begin the chapter for 2011 and the pages are already filling up with exciting new updates and clients. Our goal for the upcoming year is to continue to build and develop our presence in the International scene while maintaining the exceptional service to our clientele that have built up our business over the years. Things are definitely going to heat up around here so stay cool with Icy!

Wishing you all a fulfilling, productive and fabulous 2011, full of great achievements and experiences, a meaningful chapter waiting to be written, Happy New Year and Feliz Año Nuevo!!


From the ICY TEAM…

ICY Public Relations
T: 305.549.3676
E: info@icypr.com

ICY PR’s Newest client- AiRis

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

May 4, 2010
For Immediate Release

ICY Public Relations secures debut international Recording Artist AiRis for 2010 media and public relations representation
MIAMI, FL — Continuing its efforts of being the public relations liaison between African Fashion and Entertainment brands and the rest of the world, ICY Public Relations recently signed new recording Artist Asmaa Idrisu a.k.a AiRis to its 2010 public relations roster. AiRis is a singer and songwriter bringing a unique mixture of Pop, Soul and African style to the music industry. The debut album “The AiRis Project” T.A.P is set to be released in the fall of 2010. The album will have 10- 12 engaging hit tracks including the debut single “Without you”, “Sick in Love” and Fly Away”,

Greatly influenced by Mediterranean, rock, pop and African music, AiRis is truly an international Artist. Born in Cairo, Egypt to a Nigerian Father and an Egyptian mother, AiRis spent her young adult years between Nigeria, United Kingdom, and Egypt. In the Fall of 2009, AiRis moved to Nigeria to pursue her singing/song writing career and in the spring of 2010 she created AiRis Music, her own record label. In creating her music, AiRis tries to convey her feelings, experiences, and those of others in the words and rhythm of her style. Her style of music is alternative pop and soul music with various cultural influences, specifically African. Her musical inspirations growing up include; Sade, Sting, Michael Jackson and Madonna; original and unique artists that have their own sound. Often compared to Tamia or Madonna, AiRis aspires to someday collaborate with Quincy Jones, David Guetta, DaftPunk, Darkchild and Cobahms as her career grows as an original artist.

AiRis teamed up with Nigerian Producer Chino Ojunta of C17 Music for her debut single “Without you”. She also secured Award Winning North American Director Adam Rush to produce the music video for the single, shot on location in Miami. AiRis is a fresh artist who brings a unique style and sound never before experienced to the African music industry.

…AiRis was great to work with. She is truly a professional who knows her craft and gives the best
every time.
” – Adam Rush

AiRis is set to be reviewed by True Love West Africa, Allure (Vanguard magazine), MIMI Magazine and more. Her music video for Without You, will debut in June 2010 with rotations in Europe, North America, West and South Africa.

For media interested in setting up an interview with AiRis about the new album please contact us at info@icypr.com. For bookings and appearances, contact I’Manage Nigeria, Godwin Tom: telephone: 011.234.703.012.2457, e-mail: booking@imanagetalent.com, website: www.imanagetalent.com

For more information on AiRis please visit www.airismusic.com


ICY Public Relations

Yetunde O. Taiwo

T: 305.549.3676

E: info@icypr.com

W: www.icypr.com

Win Invitations for your wedding – Bella Naija Spring Bride

Hello there readers. Our client Ijorere has put together a special offer on Bella Naija.com for upcoming brides and  fashionistas with any special  special event coming up (party,mixer, networking event, award show).  An invitation is the first introduction the world gets of your event.  Get a chance to win 100 couture handcrafted invitations for your own event.

Ijorere makes the most exquisite invitations and are holding a contest to give away some of their exclusive invitation cards.

See all the details below.

Here is what you need to do

1. Send your name to ola@ijorere.com let’s know you are excited about this!

2. Spread the Love; Invite just 20 friends having ANY KIND OF GRAND EVENT
taking place before April 2011 to join the Ijorere group & fan page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=25170677163&ref=ts

If just one of your friends uses IJORERE for their wedding or special event, you WIN 50 Customized Thank you cards*

3. Follow IJORERE The invitation on twitter NOW! – http://twitter.com/ijorereinvites The 175th & 225th WINs deluxe prizes.

The 350th follower Wins the Ultimate Prize!! 100 Complimentary  Invitations!!
This contest offer expires April 30th 2010
For Contest Guidelines & Rules visit http://www.ijorere.com/wordpress/

Visit Bella Naija.com Ijo Spring Bride Contest

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