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Cover-Photo-yetunde-shorters-article-5aThe African Millennial Photographers have arrived and their visual representation of this generation is incredibly colorful, sharp and world-class. As they learn more they’ll share with us all.

It’s finally happening. You’re tuning in to the power of personal branding and the power of your image to influence others and tell your story. Personal Branding is coming to life in a way we have never experienced before. Slowly going are the days when CEO’s and COO’s could hide behind their company name. Now more than ever, people connect with people and it is imperative that you put your best and full self forward.join-icyacademy-3gm1


In my 15+ years of PR/Branding and Marketing, one of the key ingredients to personal branding that can almost immediately change perception of you, is your pictorial image. The choice to use an amateur photographer or a professional is the difference between an engaging personal brand and no interest in how awesome you are.

The power of images goes a long way to shape our perception. I know there are many photographers in Nigeria; these photographers are photographers I will recommend and will gladly work with to brand my own clients.

So I have put together a list of 15 Personal-Branding Photographers You Should Know. So, when you are ready to invest in your own personal brand shoot, you have options that can help you speak to the world with incredible images.

Yitschaq Abia – See portfolio here @mr_Adore

Yitschaq Abia

Tosin Akinyemiju- See portfolio here @tosin.akinyemiju


Tobbi – See portfolio here @tobbinator


Jerrie Rotimi – See portfolio here @jerrie_rotimi


Aham Ibeleme – See portfolio here @ahamibeleme


Anny Robert – See portfolio here @aniespixels

Anny Robert

Balogun Oreoluwa- See portfolio here @imageplusfotography


Gyasi- See portfolio here @gyasi_media


Ibukun Williams- See portfolio here @ibukunwilliams_Ibukun-w

Obi Somto – See portfolio here @obisomtophoto


Osibamowo Moyo – See portfolio here @awgzzz

Osibamowo Moyo

Prince Meyson- See portfolio here @princemeyson

Prince Meyson

Res- See portfolio here @resphotographygh


Fegorson- See portfolio here @fegorson_photography


Yetunde Babaeko- See portfolio here @yetundeayenibabaeko_photo

Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko


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