My Cookbook: Love with Food; African fusion meals made easy!

So the great thing about being in the business of “doing what you love”, you actually get to do the things you love. I have a cookbook launching on Saturday, November 2nd. It will be available online for digital download HERE on Amazon ( already a bestseller in its category and it’s not even out yet) whoowhooo! I am so excited. The hard-copy will be available by December 15th. You can pre-order your hard copy HERE

This has truly been a humbling, colorful and exciting experience. It took me 4 years to create, brand and develop this passion. I am looking forward to sharing the process with you all.

below is the Press release my Executive Manager sent out for the cookbook. Feel free to share with friends and family.


Finally, a cookbook about fresh African-fusion meals. The Afropolitan Chef, Yetunde Taiwo set to launch a Trendy Afro-fusion Cookbook this Holiday season.

South Florida based Entrepreneur Yetunde Taiwo launches African-Inspired Cookbook “Love with Food: African-fusion meals made easy”.

MIAMI, FLORIDA (November 2014): – The Afropolitan Chef, Yetunde Taiwo is set to awaken the culinary world with the spices, flavors and distinctive aromas of Africa, with unprecedented execution and an expressively refreshing culinary experience.  After 4 years in development, Yetunde Taiwo is launching an African Inspired cookbook- “Love with Food: African-fusion meals made easy”. She has gathered more than 50 recipes that bring people together. People from different cultures, religions, nations and neighborhoods have become friends and family at her dinner table. With these recipes, they connect on a personal level, opening their hearts and love to each other to enjoy Afro-fusion meals together. The spunky and talented model turned successful entrepreneur, who is in the business of doing what you love, Yetunde Taiwo, was born in Chicago but raised in Lagos, Nigeria and now reside in Miami, Florida.

Bisila Bokoko, Founder and CEO BBES, Global Brand Ambassador wrote the foreword for the cookbook. “This book will be very instrumental in changing the perceptions of Africa and also attract tourism to our continent”, said Bokoko. “…To cook, you must understand love. Afropolitan Chef, Yetunde has understood this right”.

An avid traveler, Taiwo is influenced by dishes from various parts of the world including Thailand, Europe, West Africa and North America. Now a resident of South Florida, she has found inspiration and solace in the abundance of culture and the ever-burgeoning foodie scene that Miami has to offer. Noting that West African cuisine has influenced many of the foods across the Caribbean and Latin America, the Afropolitan Chef believes that now more than ever, the world is ready for gourmet African cuisine and she’s ready to share her colorful palette. Stamping her style on the plates of internationally mobile, young food lovers, including the group known as “Afropolitans”. Taiwo is sure to resonate with the new generation of fusion food lovers and citizens of the world, alike.

“For many people, African food seems challenging and I am very excited to tell the world it can be so easy, delicious and a great way to bring people together for the love of food. Plus the nutritional value is spectacular.”– Yetunde Taiwo, The Afropolitan Chef

The Cookbook

The Afropolitan Chef cookbook “Love with Food: African-fusion meals made easy” will be available by November 22nd 2014 on Amazon in digital format. The hard copy will be available in December just before the holidays. Meals inspired by Africa, but infused with ingredients, techniques and flavors from around the world. Taiwo intricately balances flavors of Africa and Latin America in meals like Jollof Rice, made with pureed peppers, some curry, thyme, spices, rice and baked chicken. Though the cookbook is at this time exclusively offered for pre-order on Amazon before the release date, it is already currently top 100 in its category. Afropolitan Chef shares quick, simple, colorful, flavorful recipes. Foodies will learn how to save time cooking African meals directly from Africa’s trend setting, culinary ambassador. Africa has been aptly described as “A world in one continent.” Equally so, an African meal can be described as “A world on one plate.” Yetunde Taiwo as The Afropolitan Chef will stimulate foodies around the world to eat conscientiously with love. Her passion for food has made her a long time supporter of The World Food Programme and No Kid Hungry organizations. She has committed to giving 10 percent of her proceeds from the cookbook for the rest of her life to both organizations in support of their work in eradicating world hunger.

Her goal is to continue to tap into the power of food to bring us all together.

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