3 Ways to Maximize Any Publicity You Get

After securing hundreds of publicity features for my clients over the years, I can tell you one media feature can create a new world of opportunities for you.  Getting featured in any media is a great time to bank on that energy to create more like it. There is no such thing as too much noise.  PR is about publicity, so tell the world about it. Below are 3 ways to maximize any publicity you get.



Social currency is a powerful thing. But here is the truth: special people like to feel special. Immediately you’ve secured any feature, the first thing you want to do is tell your VIP’s.  Email, phone calls, you can go old-fashioned and make copies of it and mail it to your family so they have a copy to brag about. Attach the image or link of the feature to an email to them. Be sure to let them know they are first in on this news. Let them feel your excitement about sharing this special news with them FIRST. People pay to be insiders, make your list/tribe feel special. And then, 6-12 hours later tell the whole world. Use social media, e-blast, and get 5-10 of your champions to re-tweet the same image or link. Become a trend in your inner circle for the day. Be sure to make noise for at least 2 weeks straight.



Social media is about consistency and connecting to influencers. Once you secure a solid media feature, spend the day engaging with the editor and the publication on social media. Tag them on your announcement of the feature at least 3 times in a day. It will let the writer/publication know you are excited about the feature plus, you’re showing the value of your own social currency. You can also tag other social media influencers or bloggers that compliment your brand. You should also take phrases, sound bites, or key moments of the feature and share it all day using a hashtag that works for your brand. Make sure you schedule them at integral times of day when your fans/followers are known to be online (check your account insights for this.) Create digital graphics of your quotes to share on instagram, record a video of you reading the feature and share it online. Get creative.



Telling other media you are interested in being featured on about your new media feature, is a good way to stay on their radar. You should have about 5-10 media contacts you’re building relationships with personally. Send an email to each one telling them about the feature and to consider you for a possible story or feature in their upcoming issue. Should you do this, it’s a good idea to have 3-4 fresh story ideas that will be of interest to their own publication. This can get their wheels turning on story angles that could get you even more publicity. Also tag them on instagram or twitter about the feature and use the appropriate industry hashtags.

I look forward to these tips helping you maximize any media exposure you get moving forward. Public Relations is about relating to the public, RELATE and build that relationship. That’s what it’s about. Have fun telling your story.

Branding for Non-profits

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, ICY PR is giving 3 tips on how to brand your Non-Profit organization in order to increase impact, visibility and serve.

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Minister, Civil Rights Activist

The idea that everyone can make an impact is a big part of our signature program ICY Academy. We teach go getters, and those willing to serve their audience with their purpose, the ability to increase their own effectiveness by handing you to the tools of the trade that we have mustered up over the last 15 years as a public relations firm.

Branding for the non-profit sector isn’t just a bonus, but an absolute must. A brand is more than a visual identity: the name, logo, and graphic design used by an organization.Think of brand management as a tool for FUNDRAISING. Branding allows a story to be told. With non profits, those stories move individuals to action for change.

Here are some things to consider in order to boost your 501 (c) 3’s online branding initiatives

1. Consider a marketing or PR staff member on your leadership team.

2. Create powerful images. Record and share your good works—professionally. The choice to use an amateur photographer/videographer or a professional is the difference of how you want the public to engage in your work.

3. Recruit a group of volunteer social media influencers who are willing to share your powerful images. Nonprofits are skilled at finding community leaders to help push an initiative through a neighborhood or city. Think of social media influencers as a similar concept, except virtually. A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through social media.

How to Make Connections That Convert to Sales

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Hello Go-getter. So you want to makes sales. But the word sales makes you feel all iyyky.

The truth is people do business with people they love. So let’s swap the words. Instead of SALES, let’s call it what it is, “Income generating”.

What does your target need that you offer that will make their life easier. Click To Tweet

How do you make connections that convert to sales? it’s simple. Provide value. Give, Give get. Give more of your value and you will get the people who VALUE your expertise, service or product, paying you.

So it’s important to know what value you provide to the world.

The Formula it simple. What does your target need that you offer that will make their life easier. Be clear on it and then share it with the world.




Personal Branding Photographers In Nigeria

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Cover-Photo-yetunde-shorters-article-5aThe African Millennial Photographers have arrived and their visual representation of this generation is incredibly colorful, sharp and world-class. As they learn more they’ll share with us all.

It’s finally happening. You’re tuning in to the power of personal branding and the power of your image to influence others and tell your story. Personal Branding is coming to life in a way we have never experienced before. Slowly going are the days when CEO’s and COO’s could hide behind their company name. Now more than ever, people connect with people and it is imperative that you put your best and full self forward.join-icyacademy-3gm1


In my 15+ years of PR/Branding and Marketing, one of the key ingredients to personal branding that can almost immediately change perception of you, is your pictorial image. The choice to use an amateur photographer or a professional is the difference between an engaging personal brand and no interest in how awesome you are.

The power of images goes a long way to shape our perception. I know there are many photographers in Nigeria; these photographers are photographers I will recommend and will gladly work with to brand my own clients.

So I have put together a list of 15 Personal-Branding Photographers You Should Know. So, when you are ready to invest in your own personal brand shoot, you have options that can help you speak to the world with incredible images.

Yitschaq Abia – See portfolio here @mr_Adore

Yitschaq Abia

Tosin Akinyemiju- See portfolio here @tosin.akinyemiju


Tobbi – See portfolio here @tobbinator


Jerrie Rotimi – See portfolio here @jerrie_rotimi


Aham Ibeleme – See portfolio here @ahamibeleme


Anny Robert – See portfolio here @aniespixels

Anny Robert

Balogun Oreoluwa- See portfolio here @imageplusfotography


Gyasi- See portfolio here @gyasi_media


Ibukun Williams- See portfolio here @ibukunwilliams_Ibukun-w

Obi Somto – See portfolio here @obisomtophoto


Osibamowo Moyo – See portfolio here @awgzzz

Osibamowo Moyo

Prince Meyson- See portfolio here @princemeyson

Prince Meyson

Res- See portfolio here @resphotographygh


Fegorson- See portfolio here @fegorson_photography


Yetunde Babaeko- See portfolio here @yetundeayenibabaeko_photo

Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko


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Our one- year anniversary showed up quickly it’s 4.25.16. I must say in my new role as Wife, I have grown a WHOLLLE lot lol.  I love being a couple to hang out with my soulmate and laugh, cry, share, pray together. The biggest lesson I have learned is that Love in it’s purest form transforms and heals. Laughter is such an important part of us too. We find laughter often I really like that. Growing can be hard. I have also learned because it requires you step into uncharted territory and that for anyone, is always scary, but the results are incredible. I like results, so I am all for growing and learning. My husband always talks about how his grand father said “there is nothing natural about marriage, that is why you need SUPER NATURAL power to guide you.”

Because of our union, I have a better relationship with God thanks to my hubbs. Here is to 50 and 60 and 70 more years.

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4.25.2016 – One Year Anniversary