Jada Pinkett Smith to Open 8th Annual Women’s International


The  Eighth  Annual  Women’s  International  Film  &  Arts  Festival,  (WIFF)  is  set  to  kick  off  March  20,  2013  with  a  red  carpet  Florida  Premiere  presentation  of  the documentary  film  “Free  Angela  and  All  Political  Prisoners,”  introduced  by  the  film’s co-­Executive  Producer  Jada  Pinkett  Smith.  The  Red  Carpet  event  will  begin  at  5:30  pm.  The  Opening  night  film  will  be  screened  at  7:30  pm  at  The  Adrienne  Arsht  Center  for  the  Performing  Arts  of  Miami-­Dade  County  in  downtown  Miami,  one  of the  largest  in  the  country.


“We  are  delighted  to  open  our  festival  with  Mrs.  Pinkett  Smith  and  such  a strong  film,”  said  Yvonne  McCormack-­Lyons,  WIFF  Founder  and President.  “Mrs.  Pinkett  Smith  is  a  fabulous  representation  of  our festival’s  mission, and  the  film  reflects  a  period  in  the  life  of  one  of  America’s  Civil Rights  female  icons,  Angela  Davis.  The  event epitomizes  what  the  festival is  about:   showcasing  and  empowering  women’s  dreams,  visions,  and voices,”  McCormack-­Lyons

The  WIFF  Opening  Night  screening  of  “Free  Angela”  in  the  Knight  Concert  Hall  of  the  Adrienne  Arsht  Center  will  be  a  rare  treat  for  Florida  audiences.    It  will  be  only  its second  public  screening  in  the  United  States.  It  is  the  only  opportunity  Florida  audiences  can  see  the  film  in  theater.    The  film  will  be  playing  in  seven  other  select cities  nationwide.    The  evening  is  co-­hosted  by  Miami-­Dade  Commissioner  Barbara  J. Jordan,  District  One.  Proceeds  from  the  event  will  benefit  WIFF’s  “Reel  Girls:  Real Women”  media  literacy  and  film making  program  for  at-risk  girls.


This  year’s  festival  runs  through  March  24,  2013  and  will  showcase  a  rich  assortment  of  films,  including  big  budget  films,  world  cinema,  innovative  independent  films,  international  documentaries,  and  short  films  that  reflect  the  lives  of  women  around  the  world.    Over  the  course  of  5  days,  a  diverse  selection  of  more  than  50  films  will  be  screened  from  more  than  20  countries  including:  Spain,  Italy,  Turkey, Canada,  England,  Russia, France,  Brazil,  Iran,  Haiti,  Germany,  Ecuador,  and  throughout  the  United  States.


In  addition  to  the  screenings,  WIFF  also  offers  film  lovers  five  days  of  events  including  workshops,  panel  discussions,  symposia  and  parties  held  during  the  festival. “We  selected  films  and  events  which  capture  all  aspects  of  women’s  lives  whether  it be  sexuality,  politics,  spirituality,  love,  culture,  identity  and  beauty,”  said  McCormack-­Lyons.


About  the  Film  

Free  Angela  and  All  Political  Prisoners  is  a  film  by  Shola  Lynch,  presented  by  Realside  Productions  and  De  Films  en  Aiguille,  in  association  with  Direct  Cinema  and  the  participation  of  Direct  8,  with  major  support  from  La  Region  Ile-­de-­France,  Canal  Plus,  the  Ford  Foundation  and  Black  Entertainment  Television  Networks.    Produced  by  Carole  Lambert,  Shola  Lynch,  Carine  Ruszniewski,  Sidra  Smith.    Directed  and  written  by  Shola  Lynch.    Executive  Producers  Overbrook  Entertainment  and  Roc  Nation.


Hailed  by  the  2012  Toronto  International  Film  Festival  as  “a  fascinating  chronicle  of  justice  and  strength,”  Free Angela  tells  the  dramatic  story  of  how  a  young  professor’s  social  justice  activism  implicates  her  in  a  botched  kidnapping  attempt  that  ends  with  a  bloody  shootout,  four  dead,  and  her  name  on  the  FBI’s  10  most  wanted  list.


In  this  historical  vérité  style  documentary,  marking  the  40th  anniversary  of  her  acquittal  on  charges  of  murder,  kidnapping,  and  conspiracy,  Angela  Davis  recounts  the  politics  ad  actions  that  branded  her  a  terrorist  and  simultaneously  spurred  a  worldwide  movement  for  her  freedom  as  a  political  prisoner.  At  its  core,  the storywrestles  with  the  meaning  of  political  freedom  in  a  democracy  negotiated  between  the  people  and  its  government.  Strong,  attractive,  and  engaging,  Angela  Davis  is  one  such  person  who  became  a  symbol  at  the  center  of  this  still  relevant  power  struggle.


About  the  Women’s  International  Film  &  Arts  Festival:  

In  its  8th year,  The  Women’s  International  Film  &  Arts  Festival  is  a  non-profit  organization  designed  to  bring  women  together  from  around  the  world  to  showcase  women’s  visions  and  voices  and  to  address  women’s  issues  through  film  and  art.    With  women  only  comprising  7%  of  directors  and  25%  of  producers,  the  festival’s  mission  is  to  increase  the  number  of  women  in  the  industry,  to  empower  women  artists  internationally  and  become  the  premier  international  festival  for  women.  The  Women’s  InternationalFilm  &  Arts  Festival  is  held  annually  every  year  as  a  Women’s  History  Month  celebration.


Screenings  will  be  held  throughout  Miami-Dade  County  at  local  theaters  and  the  “WIFF  Warehouse.”    Sponsors  include:  American  Airlines,  Miami  Film  Month  Presented  by  The  Greater  Miami  Convention  &  Visitors  Bureau,  WPBT-­2  (PBS),  Miami-Dade  County,  City  of  Miami,  New  Times,  South  Florida  Times,  and  The  Adrienne  Arsht Center.


For  more  information  and  to  purchase  tickets,  log  on  to  www.womensfilmfest.com


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Women’s International Film and Arts Festival and Ahkun gift giveaway TODAY ONLY!!

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For  The Women’s Film and Arts Festival schedule please click HERE


WIFF 5th AnniversaryFor Immediate Release


MIAMI, FL — The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival will be celebrating its 5th anniversary from March 26th – April 2nd 2010 in Miami, Florida.  The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) is a unique, cultural event featuring films, visual and performance arts and other artistic expressions by women. It is one of only two film festivals in the Southeastern United States specifically dedicated to women, recognizing their brilliance and accomplishments. Film entries for this festival have been extended to December 7th 2009. The Host hotel for the festival is the Opera Suites and Marina hotel on 1750 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132.  The festival will be held at various locations throughout South Florida.

Founded by Yvonne McCormack- Lyons in 2004, the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival is held annually during Women’s History month.  The event is designed to celebrate women and to help them realize their dreams, visions and voices.  Throughout the past four years, WIFF has received more than 2,000 films from more than 60 countries such as Brazil, Chile, France, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Ghana, Egypt, Australia, Peru, New Zealand, Poland, Japan, Dubai, and of course films from the U.S., including our very own South Florida.  Some films have received Emmy & Oscar nominations & Awards.

“We’re really looking forward to our 5th anniversary event as we celebrate this special milestone year and continue to provide opportunities for women’s issues and visions to be heard on an international level,” said McCormack-Lyons.

The Festival has garnered unwavering support of many of the most prominent women in the industry and South Florida Notable mentions include Founding Honorary Chair Ms. Ruby Dee, Emmy, Grammy & Golden Globe Award Winning Actress and 2010 Honorary Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, US Congresswoman.

Some of the festival attendees have included 2007 Oscar nominee (“Babel”) Adriana Barraza, 2008 Golden Globe Winner (“American Gangster”) Ruby Dee, “The Breakfast Club’s” Alley Sheedy, international performing artist Lucrecia, Nighttime TV host Chelsea Handler and many more. Films submitted include all genres and lengths (documentaries, short films, biographies, animated films, narrative features, etc.) are primarily directed, produced or edited by women.  Some submissions are also made by men, but address a women’s issue, perspective or document a woman in history.


The overarching mission of WIFF is to provide year-round programming which bring women artists from all over the world to South Florida to explore and engage in dialogue about issues concerning women. With women representing only 7% of film directors, every effort should be made to enhance the opportunity for women’s voices to be heard, and to present a

wider range of roles and identity choices for women. Through panel discussions, workshops, and symposia, WIFF’s goals include empowering women of all ages to see themselves in a broader context. To invest in the future, WIFF has created the WIFF “Reel Girls, Real Women” program. This program empowers girls-at-risk and with low self-esteem by

teaching them media literacy. The girls gain confidence as they produce short documentary films of their own.



Yvonne McCormack-Lyons has spent the past 20 years in the fields of communications and women based arts and culture programs.  She is truly international. Mrs. McCormack-Lyons is a Canadian citizen, a second generation Jamaican, who was born in England and raised in Canada. A graduate of York University Mrs. McCormack-Lyons has been spearheading the award winning Women’s International Film & Arts Festival for the past four years.  She oversees the annual selection of more than 500 films, develops arts and film programs empowering women, the media literacy/film education program for adolescent girls and oversees the international festival which occurs annually in March.

With a degree in broadcast journalism and production, she spent a number of years reporting and anchoring a weekly television program in Washington, D.C., which highlighted events around the public school system.   She was recruited to relocate to Miami to produce and anchor and weekly television program which served both the local audience in Miami as well as in the Caribbean through the West Indian International Network in Miami and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union in Guyana, WI.

She went on to serve as Public Information and Marketing Directors for the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County, where she lead teams of communication specialists and marketers to promote arts programs such as music and dance concerts, international sporting facilities and events such as the Junior Olympics and the Nasdaq 100 tennis tournament, as well as local community events such as art & music festivals.   Her work included: advertising, film production, television production, corporate sponsorships, collateral production and much more.

She currently sits on the Miami-Dade County Film & Entertainment Advisory Committee, The Broward County Cultural Executives Committee and has received a number of national awards for her work in communications and arts.  She has been invited internationally to speak on areas concerning women in the arts, women and the media and films about women, advertising, film production, events planning, digital designs and broadcast communication.

The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival was honored with the “Best Miami Film Festival” in 2007 by the Miami New Times. With women representing only 7% of film directors, the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival is making every effort  to increase this number and help enhance the opportunity for women’s voices to be heard, and to present a

wider range of roles and identity choices for women in this billion dollar industry.

To learn more about the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival, please log on to www.womensfilmfest.com

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