Hello Icy readers. The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival (www.womensfilmfest.com) is giving today’s attendees of the Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs a chance to win gifts from Akhun.org . 3 lucky winners will be chosen to receive gifts from Akhun. If you have tickets to watch the screening of the Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs today, you are  automatically entered for a raffle to win prizes from Akhun.

Ahkun means ‘thank you‘ in Khmer (Cambodian). Ahkun works with entrepreneurs who have received microloans to further their skills and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. They connect them to the global marketplace—creating sustainable businesses and closing the gap between microfinance lenders and borrowers, consumers and producers. By creating an online marketplace, buyers from all over the world can find a product or an entrepreneur they want to buy from and Ahkun will arrange the shipping.


Ahkun CONNECTS artisans and entrepreneurs to the global marketplace. They harness the power of the web to provide microloan recipients access to the global market, allowing them to sell outside of domestic markets and scale their enterprises. Ahkun goods are tangible results of life changing loans allowing individuals to continue artisan traditions and support themselves and their communities

Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs will be screening at AMC Aventura at 7:00pm. To purchase tickets to the screening of Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs log on to AKHUN TODAY!!

For more on Akhun log on to http://ahkun.org/


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