Learning to maximize the power of your network is one of the ways to build support and wealth for your passion or purpose. Share on X

With social media and what may seem like access to the whole world, entrepreneurs are inundated with contacts with not real system for cultivating those relationships. Learning to maximize the power of your network is one of the ways to build support and wealth for your passion or purpose. Below are 3 lists every entrepreneur needs to plan and prepare for a successful year ahead. Share on X


Your POWER LIST should have the full names, phone numbers, emails, websites, social media links etc. of 15-20 of your top influencers/6-7 figure earners in your network. These are people you should have or be cultivating a relationship with. Look into your LinkedIN, take the time to sit and think about people you hang out with. You’re probably connected to powerful and influential people. You need to learn to tap into and foster relationships with your power list. They have skills that you don’t have and you can be of value to them if you are more intentional about the connection you build.


Your WISH LIST should have the names of at least 5 people that you want to meet, learn from or build connections with in the next year. Write their names down, follow them on social media, and spend the time to engage them on things that are of interest to them. Respond to their feeds. Share thoughtful insights on their post. People remember people who engage their interests. It’s about sincerely engaging them. As you build those online relationships, your wish list can cross over to your power list or even to real true friendships where you both provide value to each other. No one is too big for you to wish to meet. NO ONE. Get on it.



Your TRIBE LIST is one of the most powerful lists you will ever have. Your tribe list should have 20 -10,000+ people who love, like, engage are interested or are fans of yours. They are champions for your cause that you should engage with frequently, to build your “tribe culture”. They see you as a leader in whatever it is you’re great at. They have the same values or close as you do.  They may not be related to you by blood, but they are related by virtues, ideals and a sense of culture. Your tribesmen and women will be the ones to buy your book, come see you talk at a live event or toot your horn to the world even if you never asked. They are the ultimate village.

In The next year you get to tap into your lists and build that business empire you’ve been talking about. IT IS POSSIBLE. Share on X

noun: tribe; 
1. any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.

These top lists require you take the time and sit to prepare them. Spend those 60 minutes to brainstorm on them. Have an excel sheet for the Power List and Wish list and you can use a mail service (awber, malchimp etc.) for the tribe list.

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