Women’s International Film and Arts Festival and Ahkun gift giveaway TODAY ONLY!!

Hello Icy readers. The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival (www.womensfilmfest.com) is giving today’s attendees of the Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs a chance to win gifts from Akhun.org . 3 lucky winners will be chosen to receive gifts from Akhun. If you have tickets to watch the screening of the Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs today, you are  automatically entered for a raffle to win prizes from Akhun.

Ahkun means ‘thank you‘ in Khmer (Cambodian). Ahkun works with entrepreneurs who have received microloans to further their skills and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. They connect them to the global marketplace—creating sustainable businesses and closing the gap between microfinance lenders and borrowers, consumers and producers. By creating an online marketplace, buyers from all over the world can find a product or an entrepreneur they want to buy from and Ahkun will arrange the shipping.


Ahkun CONNECTS artisans and entrepreneurs to the global marketplace. They harness the power of the web to provide microloan recipients access to the global market, allowing them to sell outside of domestic markets and scale their enterprises. Ahkun goods are tangible results of life changing loans allowing individuals to continue artisan traditions and support themselves and their communities

Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs will be screening at AMC Aventura at 7:00pm. To purchase tickets to the screening of Cambodian film Bare Hands Wooden Limbs log on to AKHUN TODAY!!

For more on Akhun log on to http://ahkun.org/


For  The Women’s Film and Arts Festival schedule please click HERE

Gearing up for The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival

Hello Icy Readers!

Join us in gearing up for one of the year’s exciting events rocking South Florida this March, The Women’s International Film Festival. The event is scheduled to begin March 30th 2011 and will kick off with the opening film Latin Music USA:  Divas and Superstars, a film directed by the acclaimed, local, Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Adriana Bosch.  This film focuses on the recent Latin Pop explosion and its influence across the music industry and popular culture.  The film highlights the success of artists such as Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Emilio and Gloria Estefan and their explosion, not only into the English-Language pop music market, but how the Latin wave has influenced style, youth and urban fusions to create Spanish Rap, Raggaeton, as well as Rock en Espanol.


The Women’s International Film Festival has a great mission in its effort to present and celebrate films, performance arts and other artistic expressions by women all over world while offering a platform in which they can explore, share and dialogue about issues concerning women through arts. This will be a celebrity-studded affair with surprise attendance from established and up coming stars.

To learn more about the Women’s International Film Festival and how you can support the mission please visit, http://www.womensfilmfest.com/

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Lucas Mejia and Pascale House of Bling Featured in BG Magazine

Hello Icy Readers!

We are excited to announce that two of ICY’s clients, Pascale House of Bling and Lucas Mejia will be featured in the March and April issue of BG Magazine, one of the hottest Spanish based editorials covering urban fashion, design and lifestyle. Both Lucas and Pascale have been rocking the fashion scene with their eye catching designs and this feature is a tribute to their talent and growing popularity in the industry.

To see the BG magazine feature, please visit http://www.bgmagazine.com.ec/home.html.

You can also stay connected with latest updates and info from  Lucas Mejia at @mejiadesigns and Pascale House of Bling @Pashouseofbling.

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New Kid on the Block-OMONAIJA MAGAZINE

Hello Icy readers. Happy Thursday. We wanted to share this with our fellow fashionistas and lifestyle wellness lovers: a profile of the new kid on the block. Over the holidays ICY was secured to help re-brand an online magazine. OMONAIJA MAGAZINE . The name Omo means – Child in the Yoruba language and Naija – means Nigeria (street slang abbreviation).

From the shoot set up to the updated logo and cover design, THE ICY TEAM worked hard with re-branding our design client to create a new look, and give a new representation of the OMONAIJA image.

Special Thanks to Uduak Oduok who referred us to Adiat Disu who referred us to Shereefat Balogun.

We love referrals.

Editor– Shereefat Balogun
Omo Naija Online Magazine

Sidney Etienne

Make up Artist
Stephanie West

Fashion Stylist

Cover Model
Kodie Ann

As a reader you have the chance to win a dress from the featured designer.

www.omonaijamag.com is a lifestyle, self empowerment and wellness online magazine.

We wish the OmoNaija team the very best. We enjoyed working with you.

Here is their website


follow them on twitter

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Hello Icy readers. We stepped out of our fashion and entertainment comfort zone to create a viral political branding image for a group called The United Nigeria Group. Their current major focus is the campaign run for the current President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan. He is running for the 2011 presidential office in Nigeria and The United Nigeria Group is proudly endorsing him.

The viral campaign includes:

Ad placements on various niche demographic sites

facebook placement

social media viral push

and Ad banner creations.

This is a unique project for ICY and we can’t wait to see the effect of our efforts.
Attached are some of the ADs we created.

We wish Nigeria well.

This has been an Icy report. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bjCLOrzsRc[/youtube]

[ youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bjCLOrzsRc[/youtube]