How to Make Connections That Convert to Sales

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello Go-getter. So you want to makes sales. But the word sales makes you feel all iyyky. The truth is people do business with people they love. So let’s swap the words. Instead of SALES, let’s call it what it is, “Income generating”. How do you make connections that convert to sales? it’s simple. Provide value. Give, Give get. Give more of your value .

Personal Branding Photographers In Nigeria

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The African Millennial Photographers have arrived and their visual representation of this generation is incredibly colorful, sharp and world-class. As they learn more they’ll share with us all. It’s finally happening. You’re tuning in to the power of personal branding and the power of your image to influence others and tell your story. Personal Branding is coming to life in a way we have .


Our one- year anniversary showed up quickly it’s 4.25.16. I must say in my new role as Wife, I have grown a WHOLLLE lot lol.  I love being a couple to hang out with my soulmate and laugh, cry, share, pray together. The biggest lesson I have learned is that Love in it’s purest form transforms and heals. Laughter is such an important part of us too. We find .

Your Purpose Needs YOU. EMBRACE IT

  This I know to be true: Every experience, as with our own birth, has a lifecycle If we accept and understand the above, we understand that challenges are just a part of that lifecycle…IT TOO SHALL PASS You have a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities that can change lives Fear is the biggest obstacle in the way of stepping into your purpose You matter, even if .


With social media and what may seem like access to the whole world, entrepreneurs are inundated with contacts with not real system for cultivating those relationships. Learning to maximize the power of your network is one of the ways to build support and wealth for your passion or purpose. POWER LIST Your POWER LIST should have the full names, phone numbers, emails, websites, social media links etc. of 15-20 .


Who’s got an A.P.P yeah you know what! There are 3 secrets to the perfect brand that world-class brand experts are not telling you. Shssshh. Don’t say a word to anyone, but you’re now in on the secret. 1 :: Authenticity No one is telling you that your authentic self is what people will tune in to. Authenticity is that special something that only YOU have. The truth is everyone .