Who’s got an A.P.P yeah you know what!

There are 3 secrets to the perfect brand that world-class brand experts are not telling you. Shssshh. Don’t say a word to anyone, but you’re now in on the secret.

1 :: Authenticity
No one is telling you that your authentic self is what people will tune in to. Authenticity is that special something that only YOU have. The truth is everyone has it, but we are too busy trying to be packaged like everyone else, or packaging the “idea” we have of us that we forget the gem that is already in us. You are an original, being a copy or like anyone else is a dis-service to what you have to offer the world. How do you tap into your authenticity? Be true to your gut, your style, your thoughts, and your truth, even your poses in pictures. Doing it because it is the norm is very different from doing it because it works and it feels like you. If you’re great at making people laugh, organizing, analyzing, writing or talking etc., that special gift is your money maker, plus there are people waiting for you to step into it so they can pay you for it. The bonus is doing the work to be the higher, better version of you, and the best version of you. And you can only do that when you master YOU. Practice, invest and do your part to be the master of your authenticity. Be your best self often and unapologetically. When you get comfortable with you, it encourages others to do the same.

Here is the truth “the whole world is not your market. Share on X

2 :: Purposeful
So it’s one thing to be authentic, it’s another thing to know why your authenticity is important to you, your family and the world. To be “purposeful” means: [pur-puh s]

1| the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
2| an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.
3| determination; resoluteness. 

Your time is your most valuable asset. It is nonrefundable, you can’t pay for more of it and you can’t get an iota of it back. You can however maximize it and be intentional about how you use it. According to Forbes, Oprah has 10 self made sources of income. Probably more by now. She spent years daily, doing the thing that is her purpose that she loves and helping people, building profits and daily she became a master at it, at HER. She is a billionaire and she, just like you only has the same time in a day as you do (24 hours). Committing to purpose means stepping fully into your Why. “why is this important for the world, to you” then spending your time doing the important stuff. The good news is, in spite of the challenges that you will face (designed to help you become a master at YOU), it will be more fun because you are doing the thing you love, helping people and building profits.

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3 :: Profitable

There are 7.3 billion+ people on this earth. If even 0.001% (that is 73,000) of them are the people you are meant to help and you charge them a dollar a month for what you’re great at, that they need, that they will gladly pay for, you will make $73,000 a month and $876,000 a year.

Here is the truth “the whole world is not your market”. Yes, you may have a product that everyone could use, but accepting and understanding that only the people that value your product or service will pay for it. Why not market to those people. This is what we brand professionals call NICHE marketing. Close your eyes: imagine your ideal fan, customer or client. What does he or she look like? What do they do for a living, where do they spend time online, what kind of book, shows, audio books do they read? etc. Whomever you pictured that is the person you need to market to, to help you build profit. Start today

So, you officially got the A.P.P, Oh yeah! It takes daily practice. Start now, why wait for tomorrow. Be present in your authenticity, live with purpose, be intentional with your time and the people that you need to help and support, will pay you. 

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