Monday, March 31 2008
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Visual Collaborative is an annual group exhibition/networking event focused on creative professionals and visual artists from all around the country, showcasing a rich blend of media work. These works include New Media Design, Abstract Art, Interactive Design, Oil Paintings and Traditional Painting styles.
The exhibition/opening cocktail reception is organized and produced by Adeave Studios, an Interactive Design & Technology Company that operates nationally and ICY Public Relations, a PR boutique firm focused on International Fashion, Arts and Entertainment.

The first Visual collaborative event was held in Minneapolis, MN on March 16, 2007 at the Center for Independent Artists. The exhibition was one week long and drew over 2000 art enthusiasts to its location. With the success of the first event, the team has decided to make Visual Collaborative an annual event featured in a different city each year. The second series will be held in Miami, FL and will open on Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 7PM.

The event will feature local and national artists showcasing 4 pieces of their art collection. The goal of our event is to educate, inform and entertain the society about these new artists and build a strong bridge between the community and the arts.

Visual Collaborative has adopted a new community outreach program that will enable us to give the proceeds from the event to Charity. Each year, Visual Collaborative will donate to a charity in the local area to facilitate the relationship between the community and the arts.

The charity of choice this year is the Voices of Children Miami- Dade. The mission of the Voices for Children Foundation is to raise funds to ensure that every abused and neglected child in Miami-Dade County has a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem and that financial assistance and other resources are available for their accompanying health, educational and social needs.

The Artists for the 2008 Visual Collaborative Event are Ade Olufeko- New York City, Audrey Scott – Miami, Dawn Okoro – Texas, Jens Karlson – New York City, Linda Zacks – New York City, Miko Simmons – Minneapolis, Tiphanie Brooke – Arizona

Ade Olufeko is a New York based Web Designer and Digital Design artist. He grew up in Nigeria after leaving Minneapolis at a very young age. Spending most of his formative years absorbing the flamboyancy of Lagos, Nigeria, a hub of creativity and social complexities, his work is greatly influenced by his environment and his mother (Lady Yombol). Ade is an experienced graphics designer, illustrator, and educator.

Audrey Scott cannot resist experimenting with different mediums. Each medium contributes a new avenue to explore her creative process. She exemplifies the use of acrylics to portray her range of emotions. Her goal is to never give up the experimentation with different mediums, which allows her to grow as an artist.

Dawn Okoro, painter and University of Texas alum is pursuing her craft while she is enrolled as a second-year law student at Texas Southern University in Houston – and unsurprisingly she has become something of an accidental celebrity consort and a portrait artist to the stars. So far she has teamed up with Erykah Badu to raise awareness for the singer’s nonprofit organization, and has had Shaun Robinson of “Access Hollywood” and Victoria’s Secret model Nichole both commission portraits. She’s shown artwork in London, and even sent a painting to a show in Australia whose organizer turned out to have appeared in a recent “Star Wars” film. Okoro’s art has recently graced the pages of the Paris-based “CLAM” magazine.

Jens Karlsson is the Creative Director at Your Majesty New York, where he directs rich media campaigns for entertainment and consumer brand clients. Karlsson’s work has been published in books, magazines and galleries worldwide. He has acted as juror for several industry awards and spoken at conferences. In the online community he goes by the name Chapter Three, chapter3.net.

Linda Zacks is the creative spark behind extra-oomph.com. Her work percolates from the tangible grime that is the oozy texture of New York City. It is about the cacophony of whooping sirens and grinding metal. Nothing is out of the question: old wood, torn paper, rusty metal, ink, duct tape or a scribbled-over Polaroid. Everything is an art supply. Her words form a rhythmic Latin hustle, pimp struttin’ with meaning and experiences, setting one up for that same sort of woozy swoon one feels when roaming the streets around Times Square.

Miko Simmons has successfully brought his passion for art and technology to innovate directions in the fine art world while bringing the human element to computer graphics technologies. He has won several international awards and had showings at galleries and museums around the world including the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Soviet National Academy of Sciences held in the Hall of Architects, Moscow.

Tiphanie Brooke is in her early twenties and works as a graphic artist who specializes in mixed media collage. She works and lives in a tiny studio space in downtown Phoenix. She spends her time working on art collections ranging from mixed media collages, to handmade paper goods, to industrial design pieces. Antigirl.com is her visual timeline of mixed media art. Her work constantly evolves with her life and visual skill, success and failures. Her work is instinctually her own and most certainly unique. She uses a blend of traditional materials and the luxuries modern technology affords.

This weeklong exhibition is open to the public from April 12 to April 19 and is produced by Adeave Studios and Icy Public Relations and sponsored in part by Kindred Spirits, Drysack, Martin Miller’s Gin, Exotica Furniture, Wildfire and Loquat Event Management Company.

The Exhibition will be held at Undercurrent Arts, 2563 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127. The After party for the Exhibition will be held at Karu N Y 71 NW 14th St, Miami, FL 33136. For more information please call ICY Public Relations at 305.940.0067, or visit us online at www.visualcollaborative.com

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