The opportunity is detailed below, if you fit and are interested contact the R70 team or if you know someone who will fit this forward it to them.

The production company R70 World Television is looking for first or second generation Nigerian-Americans to be the subject(s) of a new real life experiment/documentary to be broadcast on Nigerian and British television in October 2008.

‘American Spec’ follows (for 10 days) the lives of 7 individuals (or sets of brothers and/or sisters), born in America, of Nigerian parents (or of Nigerian heritage), who have been brought up the ‘typical’ Nigerian way despite never setting foot in their home country. We are looking for real Yankee by day (at work or school), Gidi by night (at home) types who probably can speak Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa as good as their cousins back home but never seen Murtala Mohammed Airport!

Filming of the series will commence in the United States in July, following each subject(s) throughout their days and nights and whoever they encounter and interact with along the way, getting to know as much about their everyday lives as well as delving into their backgrounds at intervals. The experiment will conclude with an all expense paid week long trip to Nigeria to experience home for the first time (and to see if they can hack it).

So, if you fit or know anyone who fits our Nigerian-American Specifications, and currently live in the United States, please email the producers at programmes@R70.com with the following details:

1. One page biography of the subject or subjects (please include phone number).
2. Attach a few jpeg pictures in different settings, work, home, baby pictures, family portrait, anything interesting.
3. List of any notable achievements, awards, claim to fame (or notoriety), or any interesting fact about yourself (the more drama the better).
4. Schedule or upcoming events from July 2008 to February 2009, travel plans (not to Nigeria), graduation, wedding (or divorce), births etc.
5. Proof of Nigerian parentage (family tree connections is sufficient, we don’t need or want your documents o!).

The producers are also open to suggestions for a presenter (or ‘interactor’) for this documentary. Must be a resident Nigerian who has traveled to the United States at least once and is exposed enough to interact with subjects on most issues. Nigerian ‘TeleVisionaries’ are also welcome as Line Producers.

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of May (filming starts in July). Subjects will be compensated. Terms and conditions (legal waivers) apply.

Concept created, developed and produced by Ayo Shonaiya for R70 World. (Copyright 2005-2008)