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Subject: Can we get clear for 2020? (name of person)

Hey (name of friend). It's Thanksgiving so I'm sending this to you because I know how passionate you are about your goals. I took this Brand Session with Yetunde Shorters some time ago. And Boy did it give me the clarity that I needed to move forward with my goals.

It streamlined all the many passions that I have, into one that I am working on right now to start earning profits.

It was the best 90 minutes of clarity I ever received, no kidding.

Yetunde is very intentional with the process, She is patient and helps you bring to light what's already inside of you. She knows her ish period!

So I'm recommending you also go through the session so we can smash 2020 together.

check out www.purposebreakthroughsession.com and sign up for a session with her.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

See you soon

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