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Subject:  2020 Goals. Can we do it together (name of person)?

Hey (name of friend). It's time for giving thanks and the holidays so, I'm sending this to you because I know how passionate you are about your goals. I just signed up for Yetunde Shorters's Personal Branding Masterclass. And Boy am I excited to move forward with my goals with my personal brand.

She is gifted at helping people connect their purpose to profits with CONFIDENCE!

The program includes ways to help me get crystal clear on my purpose, attract the ideal people who will pay me for what I'm skilled at, how to crush it on social media with easy to create content, confidence in what I'm great at and how it can impact so many people, + She gives access to top media editors, bloggers and TV producers for when I am ready for Publicity.

I'm in (name of person). Can you join me so we can do this together to crush our 2020 goals? #2020herewecome

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