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How Every Woman Entrepreneur Can Use AI Tools Easily, Without Getting Overwhelmed By The Tech Or Process

...(And You Are Invited)

In As Little As 24 Hours... reduce your to-do list And get back at least 10 hour more in your week.

Saturday, 20 January 2024

09:30 - 11:30 EST

This Masterclass Gives You All Of These Benefits

You can create a productivity plan that gives you time back to spend taking care of yourself, or sharing with your loved ones., hear about simple A.I. inputs that you can use to relieve any anxieties in your work and productivity flow, and even get ideas and strategies you can apply immediately

Future-Ready Skill-set

Develop skills that are aligned with the future of work, ensuring you remain relevant and adaptable in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Industry Leadership Through AI Mastery

Gain the expertise to leverage AI for groundbreaking innovations, positioning yourself as a trailblazer in your industry.

Learning in a Fun New Way

Engage in a dynamic and fun learning experience with other cool Entrepreneurs, have engaging conversation and improve your A.I. skills in record time

Immediate Inspired Action

After this masterclass, you'll be inspired to have continuous growth by motivating yourself to apply your newfound AI knowledge for tangible benefits in your life.

Your Own Customized Solution

Learn to tailor AI solutions to your unique needs, maximizing its potential across various aspects of your personal and professional life.

Real Life Examples to Connect it All

Connects you to tangible instances where AI has positively impacted personal life, motivating you to explore AI's potential.

Meet Your AI Tools


Copywriting PRO


Research PRO

A.I. Carousel

Image PRO



What Our Clients are Saying

Eva Toby

Imagine being 6ft 2in tall, intelligent, witty and funny. Meet Eva Toby Nigerian-American, Speaker, Author, Model, TV personality and Entrepreneur graduate of University of Michigan who rides fast cars all week.

Dr. Geraldine Gabriel

She is an incredible mom, Doctor and Entrepreneur who thrives on guiding her clients to well-being and a stronger metal space. She mentors young women and the next generation of medical practitioners.

Niki Inmon

Niki has literally helped so many men and women KICK CANCER'S ASS. She is thorough. Holistic wellness certified and an incredible mom of 5. She is currently using AI like a PRO!

Sade Daniels

Sade Daniels is an incredible advocate for kids and young adults. A storyteller with a way with emotions in every word she utters. She is a BMe fellow influencing the next generation of young leaders, through art.

What You Get With Early Access

The early access offer is only available until September 6th. Reserve your seat. You get access to resources and coaching that is designed to keep you ahead of your industry peers.

A.I. Software Power List

You'll get my tried and tested list of the top 20 A.I tools that you can focus on to eliminate A.I Overwhelm and increase productivity

30 minutes ChatGPT A.I. Coaching session

Spend 30 minutes with me crafting a customized chatgpt thread and prompts to give you relief and accelerate your productivity and efficiency. Value $175 OFFER AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT

Lifetime Access to an A.I. Tool in Your Name

You'll get lifetime access to an A.I. tool that will save you time, energy and money value $499 OFFER AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT

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About Your Host

Yetunde Shorters

Yetunde Shorters is a personal branding coach and international publicist who helps female entrepreneurs position themselves as go-to thought leaders in industries as varied as music and medicine. Leveraging two decades of experience in global public relations and expertise as a Neuro-Linguistics Programming master coach, Yetunde empowers her clients to achieve radical clarity on their purpose while also increasing their visibility and their profits.

Yetunde has worked with Grammy, Tony and MTV Award-winning artists who, thanks to her PR efforts, have been seen by more than 40 million people though more than 1,500 segments and features in outlets including Good Morning America, Entrepreneur, Essence and more. She has also helped fourteen of her clients become Amazon bestselling authors.

Media outlets across the globe seek out Yetunde’s expertise from Forbes and CBS News to Essence and Elle. She has also been invited to speak on virtual stages and at in-person events to thousands of attendees for Thinkific, the Global Startup Ecosystem Summit, She Leads Africa and more.


Use A.I in ways that feel easy and comfortable for you.

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