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So, you’ve a pro in your field, full of valuable content and you want to share it with anyone who would value it. But when you sit down to finally plan out your content, *crickets* — maybe you need coffee, or tea, or a few youtube videos to inspire you (hello rabbit hole, here we go). 3 hours later, you’re pissed that you wasted time. This is not how you imagined this day going. You’re no longer motivated, but you still want to share the good stuff you know.  I’m here to help you develop content that feels easy, natural and intuitive.—It’s like waking up in the morning. You’ll just know what to do.

Say Hello to the TWIQ METHOD

Create Purpose-Centered Content that impacts lives

Welcome to the century of massive content creation where standing out is now the new challenge. Like developing CREATIVE content, CONSISTENTLY isn’t hard enough, content ideas for today’s digital age is available almost everywhere. The question is how do you create content that people would love, respect you for and gladly pay you for. Fasten your seatbelt, because this masterclass will show you how to create content that converts and is highly engaging, with your expert knowledge in the spotlight.

Testimonial about the TWIQ METHOD

Step fully into the role of content creator

You may not consider yourself a content creator, but after going through this masterclass, you’ll know how to develop content every time you step in front of the computer.

confidently Own your expert status

The fact is, no one knows the information you understand the same way. You are an expert. Step fully into it and support the people who are waiting for you.

activate Your Emotional Power

Pull out the smiles and Kleenex, and start tapping into the feelings of your ideal clients with emotionally engaging content.

Get it done in record time
(as little as 5 minutes)

You no longer have to spend days writing blogs, or recording your videos. Crank out content like you breath (easily and intuitively).

Save a boat load of money

No more spending valuable hours of your time developing content that barely gets shared— and start charging for your expertise.

Step fully into your message to the world

Let go of the fears and anxieties of sharing your expertise and invest in the tools that supports your purpose power, using incredible content.

“So Yetunde, what will I learn from this MASTERCLASS?"

An easy and effective process

With four key content types, this masterclass will hand hold you through my process of developing content you need to attract, engage and convert your ideal paying customers and fans—and where to start sharing them. It will also position you as a thought leader in your industry. It’s full of resources and tools to inspire and motivate you. From you learning to position yourself as a leader, or sharing valuable content, I’ve got you covered.

A Comprehensive Planner

Click the button below now to enroll. You'll get instant access to the masterclass where you'll learn to create content that will attract, engage and convert your ideal paying clients.



This easy to follow MASTERCLASS is self-learning with a 6 months content planner, downloadable worksheets and done for you headline excel formula available at anytime


content is an opportunity to provide value
If you’re a content creator, you’re always thinking of creative ways to contribute information to any media, your website or community—and when your content is engaging and converts, you’ve succeeded

Identify your leadership position

There is no way to stand for something, if you don’t know what to stand for. The most important piece of positioning yourself was an expert, getting crystal clear on your message to the world, sets you up as a thought leader. This key will help you identify your "line in the sand" position. You can proudly say : "this is why I fundamentally disagree with my industry".

What to Share

Have you ever stressed about what to share with your audience? This second key is for you. You’re going to learn exactly what to share and why it’s valuable to your expert status. It will also help you grow your list while helping you provide incredible value. Plus, you’ll develop content within 10 minutes that you can use for the next 10 weeks.

Attract with your authenticity

Once you know what to share. We’ll pin-point exactly who you should be creating content for. But first, you have to connect with them—personally and professionally. You’ll learn how to connect deeply and intimately, they’ll be dreaming and waiting for what you have to share next.

Help with purpose and intention

After identifying who you’re creating content for and you have them hanging to your every word, I’ll show you a simple way to convert them to paying customers by helping them have quick wins with your content.


Bring out the confetti, because this bonus key unlocks the power of simplicity and time saving apps. I’ll share with you tools and simple hacks to crank out content, develop high converting headlines and hacks to position you as a content leader. From video, to blogs, to images, you’ll become a content, conversion and creation master.

It's completely relatable. Easy to digest, with tools and actionable steps you can use immediately to get the results you want.



"It was great learning the TWIQ METHOD method and understanding the different things I should be sharing online that would be highly beneficial to my target audience.




Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters

I’ve being where you are at the moment: stressed out, mind full of ideas and overwhelmed to create content that attracts, engages and converts. I already did the googling, took so many online courses and got tired of the long list of to do’s they ask of me with no results. NO THANK YOU! I’m all about goals and results that look beautiful too shiii! Apparently, all I needed to do was to take a moment, meditate one morning and the answer would be right there. It showed up on a 5:00 am reading and meditation session.
I am clear that it was a spirit-led message—I’d love to share it with you so you have a transformative content generating experience —one where your purpose, what you share about it and those who you’ve been created to support with it, are all in alignment.
With my over 20+ years of supporting purpose-led entrepreneurs, I am certain I can support you.


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A Comprehensive Planner

Click the button below now to enroll. You'll get instant access to the masterclass where you'll learn to create content that will attract, engage and convert your ideal paying clients.



This easy to follow MASTERCLASS is self-learning with a 6 months content planner, downloadable worksheets and done for you headline excel formula available at anytime

Your Questions Answered

Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for women with personal brands, new entrepreneurs, intermediate entrepreneurs and personalities who know they are leaders and simply want an "easy to implement" way to share their knowledge and position themselves as trusted and respected experts in their industry.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you want to end your hours of googling and studying what your favs are doing so you can do it too, without any guidance or framework, then yes, this masterclass is for you. You get to learn how to attract your ideal clients intuitively and be attractive to them, so they can pay you ANY PRICE you ask for, because of the incredible content you generate so easily. Then the TWIQ METHOD MASTERCLASS is for you.

Can I take your masterclass at my own speed?

Let’s keep it real: there just never seems to be enough time to plan out content for the week. You set the intention to make that plan, you start and it never happens. Say bye-bye to the stress of content generation and heck yes to “easy like Sunday morning”. Once you get access, log on anytime you’re ready before the next 90 days, or you can get started asap and start pushing out content the same flipping day. *NO KIDDING*. You can listen to the audio while you’re on the go or pause when life gets overwhelming.

Will you be available for questions?

Yes, I will be available via our group chat lounge to answer questions you may have, plus your fellow leaders will be available and glad to support you with your questions too. And if the question needs deeper attention, I will record a personal video mail, answering your question. For the benefit of others, please note, my video mail to you will be available in the faq section.

How long is the masterclass itself?

If you sad down watched the videos and did the lessons, It would take you no more than 2.5 hours to complete. You can take out time from your instagram scrolling and get this done, and start being the person who's content other people are scrolling through. I recommend going though the process a few times to anchor it to how you operate. If you do the work, you’ll get the results. It is that simple. I highly recommend you spend a weekend filling out your planner so you’re ready and prepared for the next 3-6 months without any hassle.

Do you offer refunds?

As a result of securing immediate access to this masterclass and all its supporting materials and bonus, I do not offer refunds for our digital masterclasses. I advice you not to enroll in the Masterclass if you “just want to see what it’s about.” The process to simplify this for you took an incredible amount of time and effort, and I expect you to come fully prepared to do the work required for your success. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances. I am certain that if you do the work, you will experience its results!

How long will I have access to the course? does it have an expiration date?

You will have access to the masterclass for 90-days. Yes, it does have an expiration date. I believe in action-taking. You’ll need to take action to get the results you desire. None of that lifetime access stuff. I am so sure you have multiple courses you paid for years ago and still haven’t logged in to look around. We hang out with action takers here. I look forward to you taking action to meet your goal and experience its results successfully.

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